Maxx Contracting
Local contractor helps restore cenotaph:
Story Write-up by Elliot Ferguson, SENTINEL-REVIEW
The buzz of saws and the scraping of blades surrounded the city's war memorial in Victoria Park Wednesday morning.

Workers began a two-day refurbishment of the cenotaph, replacing all of the mortar between the slabs of granite on the structure. Local contractor Don Martin of Maxx Contracting is donating the repairs to the memorial.

"We've noticed it for a couple of years," Martin said of the worsening state of the city's war memorial. Martin has been a contractor for 35 years and has specialized in restoring older buildings.

The repairs will prevent moisture from getting in between the granite slabs where repeated freezing and thawing cycles can damage the structure, he said. "It's a simple repair," Martin said. "It's a good way to prevent any major damage."

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